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A wonderful 6 star review for Howie the Rookie from the Edinburgh Evening News.

mesmerising one man-show … arguably the performance of this Fringe 

Howie the Rookie
* * * * * *
In this mesmerising one-man show from Landmark Productions at Assembly Hall on the Mound, the actor demonstrates why he is currently Ireland’s most exciting performer.Vaughan-Lawlor plays, first, Howie, then Rookie. Both have their tales to tell in Mark O’Rowe’s rapid-fire script which is funny, tragic, shocking and disturbing in turn.

Set in a scheme in Dublin, meet Avalanche on her bar stool, Ladyboy and Siamese fighting fish and Mouse, Howie’s younger brother.

Flitting from character to character with grace and ease, Vaughan-Lawlor gives what is arguably the performance of this Fringe. Don’t miss.

by Liam Rudden