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★★★★ Review – Irish Mail on Sunday

Read four-star review by Michael Mofffatt in The Irish Mail on Sunday here.

“Standing ovations seem to have become a pointless matter of course, even for second-rate productions, but there’s simply no other way to react to the extraordinary performance of Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.”

Review – Irish Theatre Magazine

Read Harvey O’Brien’s review for Irish Theatre Magazine here.

“An instant classic in 1999, Mark O’Rowe’s Howie the Rookie returns to Dublin almost a decade and a half on renewed and retooled as a solo performance directed by the playwright. It is, quite simply, an essential experience.”

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★★★★ Review – The Herald

Read four-star review by Chris Wasser in The Herald here.

“an astonishing feat … as a one-man show, it’s captivating. As a lesson in stage acting, it’s terrifying. On the box, Vaughan-Lawlor is a damn fine actor. Here on the stage, he is astounding.”

Review – The Irish Independent

Read John McKeown’s review in the Irish Independent here.

superbly singular performance

Review – Arena, RTÉ Radio 1

Listen to another great review of Howie the Rookie from Sophie Gorman on Arena on RTE Radio 1, broadcast on 18th June, 2013.  Review begins about 4.30.

Broadway Baby Review

Another great 5 star review for Howie the Rookie from Broadway Baby.

An adrenaline-filled performance, which stimulates all the senses … not to be missed.

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Edinburgh Evening News Review

A wonderful 6 star review for Howie the Rookie from the Edinburgh Evening News.

mesmerising one man-show … arguably the performance of this Fringe 

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Fest Review for Howie the Rookie

Another glowing review for Howie the Rookie and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor’s performance from Fest Magazine.

He fills the stage, fleshes out characters which exist on the page only as virtuoso wordplay, and makes this bizarre dream seem terrifyingly, depressingly and, at times, hilariously real.

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Fourthwall Magazine Review

A fantastic five star review for Howie the Rookie at Assembly Hall

Utterly exceptional –  this is possibly the finest performance that the Fringe has to offer.

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WhatsOnStage reviews Howie the Rookie

Another fantastic review for Howie the Rookie by WhatsOnStage

O’Rowe’s brilliant and entertaining text sits up in lights in the actor’s technically perfect articulation and physical control, and the play shines like a rare jewel in a dung heap.

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